What We Do

There are a hundred variations on the term 'PR.'

At Vorticom, we are all too familiar with the intrinsic ambiguity that such a vague umbrella as ‘public relations’ conjures up. We know exactly what our business is in the world of PR and we have the proven results.

In the world of PR, we are first and foremost a media placement firm.  We determine a company’s narrative and then prepare a company’s press kit. We draft and place by-lined articles for our clients that demonstrate compelling thought-leadership. We place these articles with leading media outlets.  We arrange for our clients to be featured on national, international and regional broadcast and print media outlets.  At Vorticom, we develop, execute and supervise broad-based programs that produce information about a client or its products and services. We establish and maintain media relations and dovetail our wide-range of services into corporate strategies relevant to key audiences and key messages.

Our PR goals are simple.  We increase the value of the companies we work with by delivering high impact strategic media placements.

Reach and Databases

Vorticom’s strength is its experience with the international, national and regional media markets. Vorticom’s central business location is in New York City. That strength has led to our ability to discover, client-manage and work with regional and local concerns within the U.S.

Through consultancy, we often play a key role in organizing a client’s ‘voice,’ whether working with multiple ‘client-side’ firms or a single individual inside the company.

Vorticom can help articulate a CEO’s vision and relay that vision to literally tens-of-thousands through our proprietary databases. Vorticom has a proven expertise at directing media where it will reach an audience that ‘wants’ to read, listen and see it.

Social Media

Vorticom invigorates and transforms client’s social media channels. For example, we navigated the growth from 17,000 fans to 275,000 Facebook fans for a major consumer health brand. We share positive media placements on our client’s social media outlets.