Case Study: Energy and Green Sector

Our Work is Our Best Calling Card

Showcasing the New Energy Applications of Vanadium

Vorticom guided American Vanadium in leveraging the green energy benefits of vanadium in the battery storage industry. Bill Radvak, the company’s CEO, was a featured interview on dozens of national and international television broadcasts including Canada’s BNN and CBC Networks and Bloomberg TV in the United States. We established a powerful voice for Radvak as the ‘go to’ green energy authority with a column in Huffington Post.

Cutting Against the Grain to Build Awareness of Algae Biofuel

Could algae the green slime that forms on the top of stagnant pools reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be the source of a new renewable bio-fuel?  Valcent Products turned to Vorticom to create brand awareness and acceptance of algae as a potent biofuel source. Algae biofuel was initially looked at suspiciously by media who thought it belonged in the category of bunko artists who were bathtub algae enthusiasts. In addition, Valcent pioneered a new form of vertical farming which Vorticom rallied behind resulting in coverage in high profile media including Time Magazine and CNBC TV.

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Ambius blooms with a new name

By finding a hook that was newsworthy, Vorticom was able to get the company's name out in an organic and relevant manner, choosing to focus on the positive aspects of the new name, rather than dwell on the old one.

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