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Real Estate Guru Jonathan Miller Broadens Reach on National TV

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"Jonathan Miller is the most accomplished real-estate appraiser in town. In most places, that's like being the captain of the mathletes team. But in New York, it has the power to make him a near-celebrity," reported New York Magazine.  While Jonathan Miller had already secured nearly mythical status with hundreds of print and online journalists, his television profile was not nearly as omnipresent.   Miller's encyclopedic real estate knowledge and his intelligent and accessible presence were pitched by Vorticom to New York and national broadcasters.  His company's quarterly research reports were brought to life on television. 



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Ever met someone who spent more time hunting for the perfect caterer or wedding planner than finding his or her real estate broker?  If so, you're not alone, even though buying a home is typically the single largest financial transaction in a person's lifetime.  Enter braddock + purcell, New York's first true residential expert consumer advocates, matching consumers  - home sellers, buyers and renters - with synergistically-correct real estate agents and ancillary service providers at no charge to the consumer.

Founded by residential industry experts Kathy Braddock, formerly founder of the Intrepid New Yorker, a premier destination services company, and general sales manager at Douglas Elliman and Paul Purcell, previously president of Douglas Elliman's New York office, braddock + purcell combines over 50 years of residential expertise to manage the consumer's entire real estate process.  Vorticom shed a spotlight on the business placing feature profiles of B+P in a variety of media including Money magazine and Crain's New York Business.   Vorticom aligned the company's founders with hot-button issues in residential real estate and placed the company's founders on hundreds of local and national television programs, ranging from E! TV to CNBC, CNN, WNBC-TV and NY-1.

Highlights of B+P in the media can be seen at the link below: