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New Financial Star is Born

Belmont Partners logo

Reverse Mergers Move to Center Stage

"Reverse mergers, once the outcast of business, are now the golden boys of corporate financing," says Joseph Meuse, founder and President of Belmont Partners, www.belmontpartners.net based in Washington, Virginia.  In just five years, Belmont Partners has grown from a one-man shop to an international consulting company with 25 employees across multiple offices in the United States and China.  Reverse mergers are more common than IPOs today.  Reverse mergers, a method by which a private company becomes a public entity through the acquisition of a shell public vehicle, had an unsavory reputation from years of being handled by illegitimate players.

In just six months, Vorticom established Joseph Meuse as the face of reverse mergers and a respected expert on China business with featured interviews on Fox Business Network, CNN International, CNBC, and Bloomberg Asia, Investor's Business Daily, and Reuters and bylined articles in The South Morning Post and IndUS Business Journal.  Vorticom arranged for desk-side briefings with prominent Chinese media including China Daily, South China Morning Post and 21st Century Business Herald.  Click to see Joseph Meuse make his broadcast debut on Fox Business Network's Money for Breakfast show and a sampling of his appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN International:

Joseph Meuse, founder of Belmont Partners, www.belmontpartners.net interviewed by CNN International on October 5th 2008 regarding his point of view on how the Chinese banks are affected by the U.S. financial crisis. 


Residential Real Estate Derivatives Get Their Close-Up

Radar Logic Logo

New York-based Radar Logic owns patent-pending technology for the creation of a daily cash price representative of real estate values for a local region and for the creation, execution and settlement of financial derivative products based on these prices. Radar Logic also issues national housing reports.  Vorticom recommended that the company's CEO Michael Feder be front and center with the media.  As such, Feder, who had never before appeared on national television, was pitched to all of the major business networks and has become a regularly scheduled, in-demand guest.  Feder now provides his real estate derivatives and financial market expertise to all of the major business networks including Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV and CNBC.  In addition, the company's RPX Monthly Housing Reports are regularly covered by major print and online media.